How To Plan A Group Holiday

Bantu Team
April 1, 2022

Group holidays are a fantastic idea, your friends or family all together in one place, at one time, all experiencing new things, which in today’s busy lifestyles can be a rarity.

Before you run off and call up a few friends or family members, here are a few things to think about. Because believe it or not things will get a bit tricky and I am here to make sure they don’t.

1. Choose The Right People To Go Away With!

In a perfect world, you’d only travel with people who have similar interests, personalities and budgets, but believe it or not this is rarely the case and you begin to find even the smallest things will create a huge wedge in a desert in Morocco! So choose wisely!

2. The World Is Your Oyster

Once you have your group sorted. The group needs to choose where they all would like to go, key word is not ALL but compromise. If you can’t all come to an agreement try picking your choices from a hat. Once you have jumped that hurdle you can choose dates. To be fair most people would start with days then place whatever is good for the group. The dates must be in good time for everyone.

3. Allocate The Responsibilities

Pick a leader, if you have the type of friends I have, if you bring the idea of the holiday then you will lead it! Let someone be in charge of booking flights, lodgings, and that excursion. Allowing everyone to play a part makes everyone feel like they've made a contribution, and no one is overworked or stressed out!

4. Reservations

While looking and imaging how amazing a holiday will be. Making reservations would be a great idea especially if you want to go and experience a place. Most importantly, booking flights and accommodation super early comes with a price tag benefit. For example, flights are generally always cheapest when they first go on sale 10–11 months before you want to fly. As a result, the sooner you begin planning, the more money you will have later to spend on pleasant things.

5. Budget

Everyone in the group will most likely have a different budget. It's crucial to keep in mind that not everyone can afford the same thing. If you don't do this, some members may expect expensive lunches out, while others may choose to eat at the neighbourhood café. You may establish a limit on how much you're willing to pay for attractions or a whole dinner in a restaurant. Obviously, if you go shopping or go off and do your own thing for a day, it is entirely up to you how you spend your money.

6. Create A Holiday Tribe

Many groups prefer to have a shared account so no one dips into their personal funds for group stuff, once they’re on holiday. It makes paying for meals out, activities, and groceries a lot easier. Why don't you create a Tribe before you leave? When scheduling a holiday, it's usually best if one person pays for the thing they have been assigned responsibility of rather than having to book/ pay for everything separately. Creating your holiday ‘Tribe’ ahead of time will help to relieve any pre-holiday stress.

7. Keep The Fire Burning

Bantu also allows you to chat in a tribe, which increases the excitement for the impending trip, but it will also provide an opportunity for everyone to participate. share photos and funny memories when you’re back home.  This is what it’s all about! experiences and capturing them.

8. Packing Lists

Sharing packing lists is a good idea. If you're attempting to save space in your luggage or just prefer to travel light, revealing your packing plans ahead of time can be really helpful. If you're all staying in the same place, a lot of things may be shared, so you only need to bring one set of hair straighteners or a portable iron between you.

9. Plan the Itinerary

Even if you're going on a holiday to rest and do nothing, you'll need an itinerary. When organising a group holiday, keep in mind that it is everyone's holiday as much as it is yours. Some people will want to go out and party, while others will want to go on adventurous excursions.
Depending on the age group, you will have to have check ins just to make sure everyone is ok.

10.  The Most Important Rule

Enjoy yourselves! You’re on holiday!

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