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10x faster, cheaper and transparent.

Bantu is a multicurrency group account that enables friendship groups to send, save, and spend money in a social, seamless, and transparent way. All in one app.

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How It WOrks

Create Your Tribe

Set up a tribe to pool finances and share bills. Sharing a house or a flat with friends or complete strangers ? Whatever it is, you and your tribe can truly be one voice and manage your resources in open view. No hassle.

How It works

Invite Your Friends

Share a customised link to invite your contacts to Bantu. Once they’ve joined, they’ll be able to contribute funds, join the conversation and get in on the fun.

How It Works

Get Things Done

Expecting another step? Nope. That’s all there is to it. Everything’s been taken care of. Now it’s time to throw that party, take that trip, have the wedding or begin the dream business or side project. All thanks to Bantu.

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